LizzE – Soundtrack for Game

Working with Daniel Wiedemann to create a sinister atmosphere for his captivating gameĀ “LiZZE”

Daniel discussed with me the sort of feel he wanted for the game, and particularly wanted a sinister, slightly creepy feel.

I felt that Lizze herself needed a sharp and chromatic motif, which had to relate closely to Ezzil’s motif, which contains the same phrase at a lower pitch. This is amplified when they are joined together by Bethara’s spell.

Bethara, the evil sorceress also has her own menacing theme, achieved by sliding off-pitch, and swirling the pan to disconcert the listener. The explosive sound for the spell was put together using several different sounds – a lot more than I had thought would be necessary initially!

Daniel was brilliant to work with as he gave very specific direction and feedback which was very easy to follow and very clear requests for what was needed.

Overall I am really pleased with the theme and the feel of this introduction. The theme itself has plenty of opportunity for development into many different game scenes.