2020 Tinnitus Exploration

I was recently prompted to consider tinnitus in relation to art works, and produced a track that explored some of the sounds that I could associate with the high-pitched sound that I often hear. It was pointed out to me that it was a little ‘disconcerting’. So I called that track Tinnitus1 – Eavesdropping on the dialogue between my ear and my brain. Then I made a second track (this one) called Tinnitus2 – Tentative Comfort, with a view to a more positive approach which even ends in a major key!

Tinnitus2 – Tentative Comfort consists of several little musical blocks that are repeated, or repeated with slight changes, making this perfect for a procedural piece that could be built into an app, or other medium capable of procedural playback.

I hope to keep writing more of these investigations into the sounds of tinnitus!