2020 Alev Lenz Recompose

Alev Lenz, music producer allowed several of tracks from her album “3” to be reworked in a competition held by SA recordings.

Initially I picked the absolutely beautiful Cigarettes and Blow to rework, but then Fishermen caught my attention, with it’s effortless melody drawing me in.

This melody fits so well over itself (it is sung as a round) but I particularly loved how the repeats take the whole tune up a pitch, so this became a feature of my rework.

I definitely had Poulenc’s Sonata for Four Hands in mind, with fond memories of having to cross over my duet partner’s hands and jump around the piano! I have always been a little wary of midi piano, and fully intended to record live piano for the submission, but time, and my piano skills were not on my side!

However, fantastically, I received an “honorable mention” in the competition, and Alev Lenz herself has been in touch, encouraging me to finish scoring it, with a view to recording the live piano version.