2002 Brushworks MMus Submission

“Brushworks” was created in 2002 as part of my MMus in Electroacoustic Composition. We were privileged to have Clive Walley as a visiting lecturer, and were allowed to choose one of his animations from his series of 6 Divertimenti to experiment with our own soundtrack.

Possibly inspired by the recently-released album “Drukqs” by Aphex Twin, I recorded an improvised session, with David Plans Casal on prepared piano and as I had brought my soprano saxophone along, we also captured me playing along.

I then took this material and played around with it electronically to “fit” it to the animation. In some respects, looking back on an early work, I can see where some of the mapping of music to image is a little crude, and sometimes naive, but at the time I tried to balance making it fit without making the audio a trite echo of every animated gesture.

Structure was quite difficult, as the animation is a continuous flow, and if I was to do it again, I think I would make more of this, rather than trying to impose sections on the film using definable audio segments