About Me

I am a composer of adaptive music and love exploring its various applications and possibilities.  So far I have worked on apps and games and devices that use aspects of user-experience to influence and modify parameters in the music.

My research looks to investigate methods for procedurally-generated composition, taking into account tempo variations, temporal ambiguity and the variation of textural and timbral structures, particularly in response to biometric data, but also to data from machine learning algorithms.

In my doctoral work at Royal Holloway, University of London, I built and embedded standalone generative and adaptive musical compositions into smartphone applications. Moving forward, I am exploring the use of the kinds of compositional frameworks I built in mobile apps in visual novels and games, thus translating my dataflow programming experience into more industry-standard applications such as Wwise and FMOD.

I have a BA(Hons) in music and an MMus in electroacoustic composition from the University of East Anglia and enjoyed a career as a broadcast technician where I could indulge my love for all things technical, working with companies such as the BBC, Talkback Thames and Bloomberg Television. 

After starting a family, I rejoined academia, gaining teaching experience as an hourly paid lecturer at Middlesex University, and as a postgraduate teaching assistant at Royal Holloway, University of London where I also qualified as an associate fellow of the Higher Education Authority.

I am grateful to have received a Francis Chagrin Award (2018) and earned commissions from Sound and Music (Discord / Utopia 2016) and the Sonic Arts Network (Sonimation 2001).